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Passed NFPA Fire-Resistive Testing

We have received UL Safety Certification of exterior wall systems and components including ExoAir 110AT, ExoAir 130, ExoAir 220 and ExoAir 230 air barriers in accordance with NFPA 285 testing, ASTM E331 water leakage testing and ASTM E2357 testing. 

Access our NFPA 285 Engineering Judgment Request Form.


Securock ExoAir 430 - The New Standard for Air Barrier Systems

Securock ExoAir 430 is the only gypsum panel integrated with a pre-applied fluid air barrier membrane. The panel brings two proven technologies together - Tremco's ExoAir fluid-applied air barrier membrane and USG's Securock glass-mat sheathing into one panel that controls air, water and vapor in a very efficient way.

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Air Barrier Contractor Training

Tremco provides an SWRI-certified Air Barrier Contractor Training Program. To learn more, contact Product Manager Vanessa Feldkamp.


WakeMed North Hospital

Raleigh, North Carolina

WakeMed North Hospital

Read how Spectrem 1 and Spectrem 2 silicone sealants were utlized at the fenestrations, louvers and metal panels on WakeMed North Healthplex in Raleigh, North Carolina, now a full-service hospital with a 131,000-square-foot expansion and an 8,550-square-foot central energy plant being added to an existing 109,250-square-foot complex.

St. Louis Emergency Center

Ballwin, Missouri

St. Louis Emergency Center

In today’s world, mission critical facilities not only need to withstand Mother Nature’s worst, but they need to provide protection from terrorist attacks as well.

SW Florida Regional Med. Center - Gulf Coast Hosp.

Naples, FL

SW Florida Regional Med. Center - Gulf Coast Hosp.

It's imperative that an air barrier system on a medical center or hospital accounts for different temperatures and humidity parameters.

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Selecting the right Air Barrier for your project

Our knowledgeable, technical sales representatives provide guidance of fluid-applied, sheet and vapor-permeable systems, a systematic approach appropriate for an area's climatic conditions, and development of details and specifications to address tie-ins or transitions. 

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