Urethane Cement Flooring

TREMfloor™ UC is a leading line of USDA/FDA-compliant, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) International certified, antimicrobial-treated cementitious urethane flooring systems for use in a wide variety of demanding applications, especially those where a high standard of hygiene is required — including food and beverage, pharmaceutical and electronics industries, among many others.
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TREMfloor Anti-Microbial Urethane Cement Flooring

The key aspects of TREMfloor UC that make it an ultra-hygienic flooring system include its seamless, impervious, highly durable nature — combined with its ability to incorporate coving and stainless steel drainage. TREMfloor even includes the natural silver-ion based antibacterial agent Polygiene®, which has been proven to meet the ISO 22916 standard.

Polygiene antimicrobial inhibits the growth of bacteria and molds — and guards against the surface degradation and odors caused by these microorganisms — to help ensure maximum service life and minimize the need for repairs and maintenance.

While initially designed for the food and beverage industry, many other sectors are turning to HACCP International-certified building materials, as they need systems that can create a highly sanitary working environment, able to withstand difficult working conditions.

Why Choose TREMfloor UC?

Fast Return-to-Service
Cures in under 24 hours to help minimize occupant disruption.
Seamless Installation
No joints or seams to harbor germs, dirt or debris.
Lifecycle Cost Efficiencies
Offers significant lifecycle cost savings compared to tile or acid brick.
Easily Maintained
Can be patch-repaired in position to minimize renovation costs.
Contains a silver ion antimicrobial additive defends against the growth of bacteria, molds and more.
Protects against food byproducts, fats, hot oils, blood, sugar and acids.
Positively textured profile to minimize slip risks in wet or damp areas.
Resistant to temperatures of up to 250°F and suitable for steam cleaning.
Unaffected by MVT
Allows moisture to move through the material at a safe rate.

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Select Your Perfect TREMfloor
Urethane Cement Solution

Cement HF
at 1/4”
Cement SR
at 1/4”
Cement SR
w/ Broadcast & Sealer at 1/4”
Cement SL
at 1/8”
Cement SL
w/ Quartz Broadcast & Sealer at 3/16”
Cement RT
at 1/4”
Cement MF
at 3/16”
Medium Duty
Heavy Duty
Fire Stations
Animal Welfare
Detention Centers
Manufacturing Areas (Dry)
Manufacturing Areas (Wet)
Shower Areas
Locker Rooms
Car Dealerships/Workshops
Trash Areas
Mechnical Rooms
Hospitality / Back of House Areas
Service Corridors

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*TREMfloor Urethane Cement SL and MF without a quartz broadcast requires the use of a sealer coat or primer.
**TREMfloor Urethane Cement FC can be used as a primer over very porous surfaces and/or heavily trafficed ennvironments
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