WATCHDOG® Quick Cure 90

Quick Cure Waterproofing Membrane

The unique formulation of WATCHDOG® Quick Cure 90 allows the membrane to cure up to 90% faster than the traditional WATCHDOG Waterproofing membranes, while maintaining 3ft hydrostatic head resistance. WATCHDOG Quick Cure 90 has the exceptional ability to hang on poured concrete and parged block walls to easily build targeted thickness. Tight construction schedules and in coming inclement weather are no match for the set up and cure times of WATCHDOG Quick Cure 90.

Basic Uses
  • Typical applications for WATCHDOG QC 90 include foundation and basement walls and most backfilled, unsubmerged residential applications.
  • Compatible with cast in place, poured concrete, and shotcrete.
  • Approved for use over insulated concrete forms (ICF).